7th Grade Art

This course builds on using the artistic process and also emphasizes color theory and design elements. We will explore limited color palettes and strategic color choices. Students will also examine pattern, design texture, and how to lead a viewer through their work by making intentional choices about composition and emphasis.


In this project students learn the specific steps of drawing a Zentangle which introduces them the to concepts of complex patterning, design, and composition. Students learn to embrace a way to "hide" their mistakes within their patterning and really analyze what they've drawn to decide what should come next. The results are these intriguing complex drawings that viewers could just get lost in for hours! 


In this project students elaborate on the complex patterning and composition choices they learned in their Zentangles and also add the new element of strategic color choices. Students can choose to create their Mandalas using Watercolors, Oil Pastels or Colored Pencils. The results are these dynamic Mandalas.

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