Drawings & Paintings

Hosmer artists have been drawing and painting at home, including drawing flowers from observation and a view from outside a window.

Found Object Art

Hosmer artists created art with found objects from their home, or objects from nature. These include rainbows, color wheels, and plate portraits.


A mandala is a geometric pattern in a circular shape, originating from India. The word "mandala" is from the Indian language of Sanskrit and means “circle." Mandalas are often designed to demonstrate radial symmetry, which means symmetry around a center point. Hosmer artists made mandalas using found objects, geometric shape blocks, natural materials, and colored pencils and paper.

Printmaking & 3D Art

Printmaking is an artistic process where you transfer an image onto another surface. Hosmer artists explored printmaking at home by creating bubble prints, monoprinting with a plastic bag or plastic wrap, and printing with cut fruits and vegetables. Hosmer artists have also made 3D art using a variety of materials.

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