Pixelated Portrait

Students first drew a self-portrait from observation.  Then students traced their work onto graph-paper while trying to stay on the paper's pre-existing graph.  By doing this, students were able transform their organic self-portrait into a "pixelated"version of themselves.  

pixel portrait15

pixel portrait14

pixel portrait13

pixel portrait12

pixel portrait11

pixel portrait10

pixel portrait9

pixel portrait8

pixel portrait7

pixel portrait6

pixel portrait5

pixel portrait4

pixel portrait3

pixel portrait2

pixel portrait



pixel portrait23

pixel portrait21

pixel portrait20

pixel portrait19

pixel portrait18

pixel portrait17

pixel portrait16

Space Scene

Students used oil pastels to create a scene from outer space while focusing on creating the illusion of a shaded sphere.  Each student's piece connected in order to make a mural in the stairwell.  

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