Abstract Color-Mixing

After viewing examples of Color Field paintings - by artists like Morris Louis and Helen Frankenthaler -  first grade artists practiced color-mixing with watercolor paints.  Using just primary colors (red, yellow, blue - and magenta), artists explored the process of creating secondary colors while painting abstractly. 

Beautiful Oops Art

Students in grades K-5 began the year in Art with a project inspired by the story Beautiful Oops, by Barney Saltzberg.  Each student received a random scrap of paper (mistakes and leftover bits from last year’s art projects) and used their imagination to transform these into new, creative works of art.

Matching Mittens

First grade artists used a monoprinting technique to create a pair of matching Mittens while learning about symmetry.  Artwork was completed by collaging mittens onto a colored background and adding drawn snowflakes.

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