Delicious Desserts

After learning about Wayne Thiebaud, third grade artists created dessert paintings while practicing color mixing techniques.  Artists focused on use of form, light, and shadow to give their work a realistic look. 

Falling Leaf Prints

Third grade artists created mixed media art which involved relief printmaking, wax resist painting, collage, and use of warm/cool colors.   Each artist drew a leaf from observation to create a styrofoam printing plate, which was then "inked" with warm-colored markers and printed multiple times.  Artists then collaged these prints onto a cool-colored background to create contrast and an interesting composition.

Color Wheel Snowflakes

Third grade artists reviewed the color wheel and then created their own using only primary colors to mix secondary and tertiary colors.  Once complete, artists learned about radial symmetry by cutting their color wheels to create snowflakes. 

Line Landscapes

After learning about artist Ted Harrison, third grade artists created oil pastel landscape art inspired by the artist’s use of abstraction, color, and line.  Artists were encouraged to think about landscapes personal to them and to utilize the parts of a landscape while creating their work.

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