Mexican Hojalata

Embossed Metal Art

Second grade artists learned about a form of Mexican folk art called hojalata ("oh-ha-la-ta"), or tin art, from the Oaxaca region. Students drew an animal from Mexico and embossed their drawing onto an aluminum metal sheet, using a stylus. Embossing is a technique where you carve, mold, or stamp a design on a surface, like paper or metal, so that it stands out in relief. Students included patterns and shapes to emphasize the texture of the raised metal. After embossing, students used colored Sharpie markers to add color, utilizing complementary colors to help their designs stand out, and metallic Sharpies to create a frame for their hojalata artwork.

Japanese Cherry Blossom 


During our study of Japan, second graders learned about sakura, or cherry blossoms, which bloom in the springtime. We used straws to blow ink around our paper to create branches, and mixed at least 3 different tints of pink paint for the blossoms.

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