Connecting through Creativity 

WHS Student Artists Statements:


Brianna Hume

To me being an artist means that I am able to express my creativity through visuals and not words. It causes me to think outside the box and stand out. 

Mina Garcia-Rangel

For me, being an artist impacts who I am. I've been exploring different types of art, and I've found a new one I love: video editing. I've been making edits while learning a new software, Adobe After Effects, and I've really, really enjoyed it. Making art, whether it's in more of the traditional sense (drawing, painting, etc.) or more atypical ways, is something I love. 

Hannah Moylan:

Art is a way for me to express my emotions and feelings freely. It can be used to voice your opinions.

I also like that art elicits different thoughts that can provoke discussion and conversations. Art has always

been an important piece in my life. 


Olivia DeKoster:

Art is important to me because it gives people an insight into situations or experiences they may not know about.

It's another way to speak to people and I love talking.


Natalie Finton:

Without art, I would view the world in a totally different way. Art allows me to see the intricate parts of everyday things because it has taught me how to analyze life visually, and how to recreate what I see in my own style. Art allows me to view the world creatively, and to notice all of the small details of my surroundings in any setting. Everyday objects become more interesting and beautiful when you look at them with artistic vision.

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